Friday, March 14, 2014

Time to Celebrate!

Hello Everyone!

Not only are we excited for the weekend, but we are STOKED because Marianne graduated from Cosmetology school this week! We want to celebrate with you by sharing this fabulous weekend look. It's simple enough for daytime yet the lips give it drama making it perfect for a night out!

Here's what we used:

Step 1 Face: Apply foundation to clean, moisturized face. Marianne loves this foundation because it leaves a satin finish. She has dry skin so this is perfect for her.
Step 2 Shadow: Apply Day Rate (light pink/beige) from Catwalk pallet all over eyelid. In the crease, use Strut (dark violet) to give depth. Be careful not to use too much product and apply in small circular motions focusing on the outer corner. To add a little shimmer and pop, apply 10k (light gold metallic) to brow bone and center of lid.
Step 3 Line: Using a very small skinny liner brush (we use an art brush), take the fluid line starting at the outer corner of the eyelid and draw towards the center, stopping just before the inner corner. Then extend a flick from outer corner to add a little drama. Try to keep the line more narrow, this will define your eyes without an overbearing look. Apply mascara to both upper and lower lashes.
Step 4 Cheeks: Apply blush to apples of cheek and draw upward towards temples. Dust cheekbone with highlighting powder.
Step 5 Lips: Line lips with Jewel liner and then fill in the outer corners and blend towards center. This will give your lips dimension and shape. Apply the lipstick, and then go back with the liner and reline your lips. Doing this gives you a solid, defined line and will create a perfect pout.

We hope you like this and let us know if you have any questions! Oh and yes Marianne does have pink hair - post coming soon :)