Sunday, January 6, 2013

Look of the Day: Simple Glam

When it comes to clothing, we like to keep it quite simple, but it's fun to add accents every now and then! For Marianne, she matched her lips to her dark purple heels.  For Angela, she simply tied a square scarf around her neck.


Today I added color to my ensemble by wearing my favorite purple shoes, then matched my lipstick with the purple to bring it together. This is a great way to add some color if you like to wear basic colors like me, (black is where it's at!) but want to change things up or branch out. With such dark lips I wanted to keep my eyes simple with a "cat eye" and natural blush. This makeup is my go to look inspired by my favorite era. It is also so easy and fast... anyone can do it!


When it comes to my style, I keep it extremely simple.  Maybe it's that I'm not good at putting super stylish ensembles together (ha) but I think a lot of it is that I feel comfortable in certain cuts and colors, and I tend to stick to those.  In the winter, I wear mostly solid dark colors and ivory, and put "pops" of personality in my outfits in either shoes, belts, or, in this case, a scarf.   I had this square scarf hanging in the back of my closet and decided to pull it out and try something different with it!
I also like to keep my outfits simple when I am doing a more glam makeup look, which I did today.  I didn't put any dark colors on my lid (I usually darken the crease) but instead used my MAC Amber Lights eyeshadow and new Makeup Forever Star Powder which I absolutely love!  I then did a pretty dramatic wing on top, and heavy liner on bottom, both in black.  On my lips, I used lots and lots (and lots) of layers of my favorite Makeup Forever lipstick.  It was a bold yet glamorous look, my fave!

Trying to stay stylish in these cold months can be tricky, but we are trying our best!  What are your style secrets for winter?!

--Angela and Marianne

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  1. Thanks for this post. I am always worried that my simple, clean wardrobe is too boring, but I love the idea of adding a scarf that is classic and not so trendy (like the huge infinity scarfs I see everywhere). I never really thought about accessorizing with makeup and you've inspired me yet again. I love your ideas and your blog!