Thursday, January 10, 2013

Falsies! False Lash Application (Singles)

How many of you have ever had eyelash extensions?  We used to get them and absolutely loved them, but realized it was quite an expensive habit and we didn't need them all of the time.  We have discovered a way to get the look of eyelash extensions, but only for a few days and at about 1/10 of the cost! 

Today we are going to show you how to apply false lashes.  However, we are not using the typical falsies where you know they are fake because the corners are peeling off mid sentence!  We are going to show you how to use singles.  This makes for a much more natural look, and you can CHOOSE the lash intensity.

So, here we go! You can apply the false lashes before or after you do your makeup. We like to apply them after, beacuse when you put on your eyeshadow, it can fall onto your lashes and then they lose the clean look that you want.  Angela started with all of her makeup done except mascara.  She put a light nude eyeshadow on and a thin black liner on top, creating a very simple look (as we want the lashes to be the main attraction!).

Prep lashes by curling them and brushing one coat of mascara on top lashes.  Get the mascara as close to the roots as possible so the glue has something to bond with.


*The brand of lashes we used is Ardell Professional Individuals and the glue is Andrea Perma-Lash Eyelash Adhesive, both purchased at Sally's. We used the medium length lash on the outer half and the short length on the inner half. When we go out we usually use the long, medium, and short to get a really dramatic look! :)

Using whichever length your prefer, pick up lash with tweezers and dip end into glue.  Be careful not to get too much glue, just on the end and the tip. If you do get a lot, the bond to your lash will be too strong and pull your real lashes out! OUCH!! This did happen to us last time and it was not fun haha!  You can use black or clear glue, but I suggest you use the clear, it is a cleaner look.


 Let the glue sit on lash for about 5 seconds and blow on it a little to make the glue sticky. It's pretty runny and doesn't seem like glue but this is what makes it a clean application.


 Apply the lash to the outside corner, at the root of your real lashes.  Set it on the lash, watching the angle so it looks natural, and then gently push it in place with the point of your tweezers. This will make it look very natural and beautiful! If, when applying, the glue feels wet or stings your eye, try to make sure the lash is in the right position and then fan your eye while it is closed or have someone blow on it for you. The sting will go away.

  We applied about 5 medium length clusters to the outer half placing them with just a little space inbetween. If you want the lashes to be thick, place the clusters closer together. It will be different for everyone so just experiment and play around with the look you want. We kept Angela's pretty natural looking.


When reaching halfway, you can stop here and do a pretty "cat eye", going for a '60's mod look (Mar's personal fave!!) or continue to the inner corner, as we did on Angela.


Once we got halfway we started to use the short length clusters. Naturally our lashes thin out closer to the inner corner, so you'll have to open your eye and see where you want the lash to be placed, because you still want it to look natural, but not have these amazing outter lashes and no inner lashes. So just try to make it a uniform look, pointing the lash at an angle at which it would naturally grow.

The glue may make your eyes a bit red (Angela has extremely sensitive eyes) but just fan them and after a few minutes the redness will go away. 

I had Angela open her eyes a lot between applications because I wanted to make sure I was getting them placed right and it was looking good.  If you keep your eye closed the entire time, you may see mistakes when you open them at the end, but then it is too late to fix because the glue has already set!  So you will feel some burning and stinging if you are opening during, but it's okay, pain is beauty, right?!

The finished product turned out really great!!!  As I said before, if I were going out on the town, I would put long lashes on the outter corner.  But for today's look we kept it NATURRALLLL! 

 Compare this to the picture at the beginning.  Lashes make such a difference!  This took us a total of about 20 minutes and they will last 3 days because of the amount of glue we used.

Here are a few more pictures so you can see the angles and lengths.

We finished the look by putting a blue liner on Angela's waterline, and a natural lip color.  We also got a highlighting eyeshadow (any light shimmer will do) and put it in the tear duct, brow bone, and right under the outter edge of her eye.  Yay for lashes!  Let us know how this works for you!

--Marianne & Angela

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