Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Halloween: Día de los Muertos

We know this is a little bit late, but we had so much fun creating this Halloween look, we had to share!

 For our family Halloween party we didn't have costumes but we definitely have make up so we decided to go for a more makup-intense look. Unfortunately we didn't take step by step photos (because we didn't know how it would turn out lol) but we got some close ups so hopefully they help. 

The beginning is pretty simple. Start by drawing two black circles around your eyes. Make sure to go all the way around your eyebrows. On Angela, we didn't do this and it looked a little weird so we went back and filled in all the way on top of her brow. We used MAC Blacktrack eyeliner but any liner will do.

We then filled in our noses with different shapes to give the look personality. Just try to keep it symmetrical. 
For the ruffles around the eyes, we each chose a color, Marianne = turquoise and Angela = red and then took Sephora black liquid liner and did small half circles. We only did the lower half of our eye but you can go all around. 

The rest of the face is free-hand time! We did swirls and angles to resemble a skeleton (cheek bones) and added our accent color throughout.

For the lips, we used a white eye liner pencil (NYC from Walmart) to line and fill them in. 

Using the Blacktrack liner and a fine brush, we did lines vertically down the lips (extending onto the skin) to give the illusion of teeth. We then took the brush from the corners of our mouth and dragged the liner out into any kind of shape! It's all about art here! 

For the chin, we each chose a shape and, again, free-handed and colored in designs.  We added some sparkle throughout with liquid liner and just like that we were señoritas from death! 

Use your own creativity and just have fun with it! 

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