Monday, January 13, 2014

Let's Get Pretty Again - Holiday Party 2013

Happy New Year! For us, 2014 is already bustling with the realities of school, work and winter.  But before we say our final goodbyes to 2013, we want to reminisce on the beautiful holiday season we experienced.  One of the highlights was decorating a company holiday party at the Gallivan Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.  It turned out beautifully!  

The decorating team included the two of us (Angela and Marianne) and our fabulous mom, Shelley.  Shelley has the vision, and we just help her make it become a reality ;) She also knows how to do ANYTHING on a very small budget.

We chose a "Winter Wonderland" theme, using blue, white and silver decor and aimed for a formal look (so this could also work for a wedding). Due to the building regulations, we only had four hours to decorate, so not everything we had planned was used, but it still looked marvelous.

Everything we used was purchased from Wal Mart, (aside from the table stands) keeping it very budget-friendly. Thanks to Diamond Rental for the tables, chairs and linens and to Culinary Crafts in Salt Lake City, Utah for the wonderful catering and table settings. Also a big Thank You to Cat Palmer Photography for the fabulous photos!!

For the Welcome table, Shelley made a few different arrangements that we put together using ornament balls, glass vases, tree branches, salt (to look like snow), feathers, and candles. It was perfect!

The cabaret tables - We used these for cocktail hour, appetizers and desserts.  We purchased these silver picks from Wal Mart for $3.95 a piece, added four ornament balls (also from Wal Mart), and feathers at the base... So simple yet so beautiful. We used a powder blue table cloth that was tied with a sparkly white ribbon half way down (you can see what I mean in the first picture).


Here are the Table Centerpieces.  We used a large silver stand, purchased from Tai Pan Trading, and put a small glass vase on top, again filling it with ornament balls, other picks and intertwined ribbon through it. We then hung crystals from the stand as shown below.  So simple yet so stunning.

Something fun and different we did (we actually got the idea from Pinterest!) was cut out snowflakes and attach them to the ends of balloons. We asked Harmon's Grocery Store to attach fish wire to the ends of the balloons instead of the regular ribbon. This way, it was transparent and appeared as if the snowflakes were floating.  It was so cool! We hung the balloons and snowflakes over the prizes they were giving away for the raffle, so it made it even more special.

For these trees, we used actual trees we found at a park!
We used white and silver spray paint to fully coat them, making them look like a Winter Wonderland... Literally!

Here are some more pictures of the entire party:

Thanks for reading! 

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