Friday, January 24, 2014

Textured Ponytail

We would like to begin this post by inviting you to contact us to get your hair colored/styled or makeup done! Email us at to schedule an appointment. We are located in the greater Salt Lake City, Utah area and would love to meet you and make you pretty again!

Now for the post!  This is for all of you that want to spice up your everyday ponytail.

Begin by teasing the hair in the crown area. 

Take 3 sections from the corner of the head.  You can begin closer to the ear, but we chose not to.

Start a French braid by picking up sections from only the bottom (under the braid).

Continue braiding, while pulling the hair toward the left side. Make sure you are only using hair from the front right side (not the top!).

Finish the braid and use bobby pins to hold the ends.

On the left side, pin hair loosely as shown.  

We had fun with the bobby pins and made them visible, creating a triangle. Be creative here!

Pull all of the hair to the left side and secure it with an elastic.

Take a section of hair from underneath the pony and wrap it around to hide the elastic. Pin to secure.

Go through the braid and pull the sections to give it added texture and look more undone!

We finished with hairspray and shine spray, using Big, Sexy Hairspray and Moroccan Oil Shine Spray.

This look is perfect for work or a week night!

Let us know how the textured pony works for you!

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