Friday, December 14, 2012

Let's Begin To Get Pretty Again!

"I want to be intelligent.  I want to be excitingI want to be dangerous.  I want to be friendly.  But most of all, I want to be PRETTY."

The concept of SELF-BEAUTY combines face, hair, skin, and body all into one.  An enticing, exciting, yet ever-changing FORCE.  Since childhood, beauty products have literally been thrown at us.  We saw them advertised on life-size banners throughout department stores, beautiful women flipping their shiny hair on commercials, and perfectly colored lips telling us why we should buy their product.  Perhaps we saw our moms jumbling through her cosmetic bag, horrified as that scary black wand moved closer and closer toward her eyeball.  Growing up with four sisters and an involved mother, it is no wonder that self-beauty became a huge part of our lives.  Not to mention the many dance performances, music festivals, and theatrical plays (we were forced!) that required a full face of intense makeup.  "Don't you want the audience to know you really do have eyes and lips?" mom used to say.  "More blush.  Darker lips.  I would add a little more mascara."

As the youngest two sisters of our family, we have sealed our friendship and sisterhood with the desire and unspoken vow to never let each other wander the streets "un-beautifully".  Over the last few years, we have experimented with new techniques, styles, and products on each other, realizing what a FUN and bonding hobby this whole self-beauty thing really isIt was often difficult to take the harsh honesty from one another on what worked and what didn't.  Let's face it, Angela can't rock a coral lip.  And for Marianne, finding the right shade of nude lipstick is a daunting task.  But we would choose no one except each other to tell us that.  We are anxious and EXCITED to start sharing our personal opinions, experiences and observations with all of youOur worlds of beauty are on opposite ends of the spectrum, but somehow  these beauty worlds have collided and created a feminine and sophisticated glam that works for the both of us.
Angela says--

MAKEUP!  I think this is one of my favorite words in the entire world.  DEEP CONDITIONER.  Okay, that tops the list as well.  PERFUME.  Moroccan oil, curling irons, round brush, lotion, teeth whiteners, deodorant, under-eye cream, hair-growth treatment, razors... the list goes on and on and on.  These, my friends, are my hobbies, activities and obsessions. (Yeah, I said it.)  Pathetic?  Maybe.  I know some of you are thinking, "This girl should probably get a life."  I actually had that same thought for a long time.  I thought, "Why am I so obsessed with makeup and trying new products?  Am I really that vain?"  I don't consider this vanity, though.  I consider it a vehicle to express my artistic flare and build confidence.  I also find it very satisfying when I find something that works for me.  Yes, I have decided to embrace my love for the art of makeup and self-beauty, and want to help others embrace it, too.

Marianne says...

Beauty... What is it even?  It's where I look, taste, hear and smell..  It's EVERYWHERE!  So why shouldn't each one of us be apart of it???  I have always strove to feel beautiful and I think that is the keyTo feel beautiful.  When you feel it, you know it.  Feeling beautiful gives us the capacity to see beauty and that is what will make our lives exciting, colorful, loving, peaceful, feminine, adventurous....  It makes us Beautiful.  I find joy in all the girly things of this world and want to share them all with you!

We are here to tell you that no matter your age, height, weight, or stage in life, everyone can use a little self-beauty.  We're not talking a full face of professional make-up artist inspired glitter eye ensemble (well maybe sometimes) or that $500 hair treatment being advertised at the salon, but possibly just a few simple products that will add wellness and beauty to your life and help create a more confident, comfortable, prettier YOU.

We want to share with you the many beauty secrets we have discovered over the years, and believe us, there are MANY.  Being obsessed with beauty has resulted in trying WAY too many products, spending WAY too much money, but now having a grasp on products that work and don't work for us as individuals.  We would say it has been well worth the investigation!  We want to spread this knowledge and save you the hassle.  Of course, we haven't been able to explore every product and situation so if you have any questions or suggestions, do let us know!  We are always up for a new product experiment!!!  It is our hope that we can inspire each of you to discover the type of BEAUTIFUL that works for you and your busy schedule.  It is vital to stay aware and in-touch with the feminine side of ourselves, no matter where we are in life.  Not only for our sanity, but for our husbands, boyfriends, friends, co-workers, etc.  Every girl wants and deserves to feel pretty, some just have no idea where to start.  That is where we can help!
 So... Let's begin to get pretty again!!!

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