Friday, December 21, 2012

Look of the Day: Purple Meets Blue

Today, purple meets blue. 

To begin, I put on pretty much every purple eyeshadow I own to create this color that is on my lid.  I usually wear shimmer finishes on my eyes, but today it turned out matte, and I totally loved it!  I put a bunch of dark purples on first, and then some brighter purples on top, and it created this cool shade of medium bright purple! It was a fun look to say the least.

Then, I used my go-to BLACK "Carbon" from Mac for the outer edge.  I think that has become another one of my makeup collection staples.  It's the perfect, non-sparkle black.  I did a TON of blending to make sure it didn't look too "goth".  (Although, I do love the goth look!) I love how you can see that there are so many different colors being used here.  That way you can never really re-create the same look, which keeps it original-- I'm all about that!

Next, I used my trusty Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eyeliners and put "Zero" on top, taking the end just a tad bit past my eye.  Then decided to throw myself for a loop and put "Deviant" on bottom.  If you can't tell, "Deviant" is blue.  I went across the entire water line and underneath the lash line, as well.  I love using two accent colors in the same look.  It's so unexpected, and makes people look twice to make sure it really is a different color on bottom!

I finished the eyes off with some Clinique High Impact Mascara in Black.  I went for a very nude lip since the eyes are so extreme, mixing Mac's "Honey Love" and "Angel".

If this post teaches you one thing, this is it:  Don't be afraid to MIX your makeup colors!  It opens up a whole new world of color and options!  And it makes your creativity limitless! 

Hope you guys enjoyed this look, it was a fun one!


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