Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Think Pink!!

There is something we absolutely love about a winter PINK look.

Products Used: 
MAC "Star Violet" Eyeshadow
MAC "Carbon" Eyeshadow
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil "Uzi"
Tarina Tarantino "Sparklicity Pure Opal"  Sparkle Powder
Lancome Hypnose Volume Mascara

*The light and bright pink colors we used came from a pallet we got at a convention a few years ago, which is nameless.  Any good pigment pinks will work.

Cover the lid with a light pink shadow of your choice.  Starting midway on the lid, use a brighter pink and blend all the way to outer corner. 
Starting at the outer corner of the eye, blend carbon inward in the crease. Try not to go all the way in and just shape the corner and crease.
Blend star violet over carbon to give the dark more dimension and sparkle.
Your lid should be quite light at the inner corner, fading to the brighter pink in the middle, then fade to dark by the outer corner.  BLEND BLEND BLEND!!!  This look will look weird if you are not really blending these colors together.  (No color blocking here!)

Line the eyes with Uzi. Eyelid, lower lash line, and waterline.  *I love Uzi because it gives a silver dimension but it is still dark. 

We then used Tarantino sparkle powder with a liner brush and made a "<" starting at the inner corner going up toward the crease and just above the lashes. Also a little on the outside lower lash line.

Finish it off with curling your lashes and mascara. Work the wand from the base of your lashes and wiggle it side to side as you pull out. This technique will coat all the lashes and make them long and voluminous!

This look is great to add a little color to these winter months.  People won't expect you to be wearing pink in December!  We always get compliments when we wear pink on the eye, so try it out! 

--Angela & Marianne

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